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Helping financial institutions go digital with our state of the art software solutions.

Our Services

SMS banking is a technology-enabled service permitting co-operatives to operate selected services over the customers mobile phone using SMS messaging. SMS services are operated using both Push and Pull messages. SMS messages are those that are initiated by the customer, using a mobile phone, for obtaining information or performing a transaction in the bank account. Examples of SMS messages for information include an account balance enquiry, or requests for current information like loan due date and deposit interest rates, etc. The co-operatives customer is empowered with the capability to select the list of activities (or alerts), that he/she needs to be informed. This functionality to choose activities can be done either by integrating to the Internet Banking channel or through the co-operatives customer service call centre.
Management App
This is an app only provided for the manager of a company in which he/she can view reports such as daily account transaction, loan and saving reports etc.
Cloud Services
We have been providing cloud services to various firms. Databases are stored online on a separate virtual machine and the system can be accessed at any given time by specific personnel. These cloud services are of various modules from which a cooperative can choose with according to their requirements.
Custom Software Development and Design
CoSys Financial Software has provided hundreds of cost-effective and high-quality software solutions from a large array of industries and domains since its inception. The solutions include software development for the user and business, web hosting, retail manufacturing, real estate, community services, among many others.
Linking with Nepal Life Insurance, we are able to provide cooperatives the features to carry out insurance transactions. The firms can act as an agent to Nepal Life Insurance itself and carry out insurance operations.
Mobile Counter
This is a service which allows the client to make transactions of a cooperative branch like withdrawal, deposit, etc. in real time through a single device and print out the receipts, photo and signature. This is usually applicable in remote areas where the cooperative wishes to establish a branching sector.
Mobile Banking
We provide mobile banking services developed by our own development team. These apps can be interlinked with both Khalti and Esewa services which a firm can choose according to their interest. These apps can be also made available online with the name and logo of the firm itself. The features include utility payments, fetching statements, topup, fund transfer, bank transfer, QR payment, etc.
Collector App
We provide the facility for the collectors of a cooperative to collect their daily data on an android device through this app. The data can be accumulated in the app offline and after connecting the device on the same network as the server, can be sent to the system automatically.
ATM Services
We have achieved a huge leap in financial software market by being able to provide ATM services to our clients. For the first time in Nepal, VISA cards can now be issued by the cooperative firms and ATM machines can be also installed free of charge if certain requirements are met.
Programming Services
CoSys is a leading Web development and engineering company for custom applications in its sector in Nepal. Some of the most popular Independent Private and Government Company in Nepal have relied on our unique experience with software to get their projects completed on time and within budget.
Languages & Technologies
CoSys Financial Technology experts are trained in Microsoft Technologies and use their experience in,, PHP, MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySql, Apache, etc. CoSys Financial Software Project Manager will demonstrate his experience in design and implementation of development processes, and manage internal resources to support the Client.
Inventory Service
This is a service which allows the tracking of inventory levels, orders, sales and deliveries. It can also be used in the manufacturing industry to create a work order, bill of materials and other production-related documents.