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Helping financial institutions go digital with our state of the art software solutions.

About Us

Cosys - helping you to go digital world

We are committed to help co-operatives for effective operation through fintech/digital solutions. Cosys believe in leading the way for a Digital tomorrow.

  • Our Experience
  • Why Us?
  • Our Approach

Our Experience - "Cosys launched at 2006 has provided service digital solution and financial eco-system. Since its launch, Cosys has firmly established itself as the leader of providing software solutions to cooperatives. Our decade plus of experience in the field has made us masters of our craft."

Why Us - "Our industry expertise and experience has led us to be trusted by over 1k+ institutions in the financial landscape of Nepal. Cosys is extremely reliable, secure and constantly being updated with new features to make you more efficient. Additionally, our support team is always available to guide and assist you through any queries you might have."

  • Trusted Partner
  • Product Security
  • System Security
  • Operational Security

Our Approach - "Our aim is to provide our customers with excellent value in return for placing their trust on us. We believe in constant innovation and are always working on making using Cosys a better experience."

Our Values


Achieve our objectives in an environment of honesty towards our clients, with the help of our highly skilled team, gives emphasis on quality.


To be one of the respected and leading financial corporations with leveraging technology in finance sector digitally to provide payment gateway services

Core values

We work in the green finance sector and automate our services on our websites and mobile apps to give you with the greatest online experience possible.


The primary purpose of a business is to maximize profits for its owners or shareholders while maintaining corporate social responsibility.


Increasing revenue and profit margins,Gaining Customer,Good Quality Product Services,Best possible and Optimum use of resources.