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Helping financial institutions go digital with our state of the art software solutions.

Our Products

Core Banking System
Cosys NexGen is an accounting software for any type of cooperative i.e. saving and credit, multipurpose, agriculture and also microfinance to carry out their day to day transaction with a friendly user interface and a core banking system with up to date technology. Any required transaction module or report that a cooperative desires can be found inside our system. Further any suggestions to improve our system or specific features requested and taken into consideration to be implemented in our new version updates.
Credit Information Management System(CIMS)
A credit information management system is a method for managing credit accounts, from risk assessment to choosing how much credit to extend to issuing bills and collecting payments. Credit scores and other financial risk indicators are linked through the credit management system. This service allows our clients to list out the bad loanees linked in the cooperatives.
An easy-to-use and affordable software system for organizing, managing, formalizing, and analyzing agricultural farming activities, FarmSys is a reliable source of up-to-date information about agricultural production activity in the country to the public, sector players and other institutions. It allows agricultural firms to maintain their livestock digitally, carry out transactions and generate required reports.
Survey Eye
With this product, the NGO’s can carry out surveys in their respected fields and interact with the customers through questionaries.